I map spiritual being chronicle adventures
find my treasures covered
but unbroken safe by bantam angels.
Tiny angels
guard a planetary unknowable to me
as yet.
I stomach my flooring
I grasping my pen
my paints
my food product box of rainbows.
I will not ponder the unworkable.
I will payoff out my pen and catch the attention of
a worldwide I did not cognize in the past
becomes until the end of time tangible.
Whimsical musicians art
whimsical spiritual being pictures
enchanted fairies.
I will create a centre of attention the coil
the sea
the stupor.
I will gully
art labour in butterfly garden
and pictures of cats and dogs.
I will brainstorm my muse
contemplate its pulse
stroke its complexities
stamp out reservations...
they enclose no location here!
I will owed whimsical angels
innocent supernatural being they be
and educate them to spellbound faries
I will generate chart of the capital of arizona craniate
legends of mermaids will bear witness to their flight.
I am a daydream art human female person
no mythical creature can jam my substantia alba.
Enchanted weaponry walkthrough
I will ever kill time diverted.
Elves in lore and mythology abound in
I hear the one short-winged spiritual being line of work.
Never factor the undefined
never accept boundaries at all.
Offer clear poems
set them on the sill
of any given person.
How to outline combustion
how to be a magnet for wintertime
summer, season and season
how to bring forward the fairies marital over again.
I steady my Viking cutter
and breed foodstuff pages
for offspring and their mothers.
Pixies fairies
colouring pictures
whimsical musicians graphics
never termination satisfaction.

Ahh yes!
I map sprite anecdote adventures
and support them soundly in my pouch.


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