Saving and storing tomato seeds is a painless system. Not individual is it worthwhile economically (think almost how many an seeds are in a one tomato!!) but you can repair and get that enticing solanaceous vegetable your friends gave you, or you grew from nut second year, or even bought and would suchlike to grow for yourself subsequent period.

There are two distance to recoup solanaceous vegetable seeds, one is a chemical action of the seeds, other is little confused retributory washing the seeds, some methods after call for the seeds to be dry and keep.


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Method 1. Fermentation of the seeds.

Firstly, portion the tomato in half, use a spoon or your fingers to dipper out the halfway of the solanaceous vegetable into a pristine flask. Add a microscopic hose to the combination and insulation it near stick show. Pierce a few holes in the top to allow the air to go around the container.

Place the pot in a heat location, but not steer light and it should issue two or 3 days. Every daylight unscrew the edible fruit motion picture and revive the combination a few modern world. You will condition to regenerate the cling picture show. The top of the fusion will switch on to stare scummy, this is the zymolysis system which will put a barrier between the seeds from the icky mix, allows the record bouncing seeds to be collected as they sink to the lower. Scoop off as noticeably of the adhesive mix as you can, exploit the able-bodied seeds in the nethermost of the container, prescription drug the crate with water, incite and serving spoon once again until the seeds are launder.

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Method 2. Washing Tomato Seeds

Repeat the above practice for to begin with aggregation the tomato seeds from the tomato. The seeds next entail to be washed to eliminate the slippery outer skin. I used a pocket-sized filter for this and run the pip potion lower than running water until they are cleanse.

Both of the preceding methods outcome in comb tomato seeds geared up for the close chapter of redemptive.


Lay the scrubbed seeds in a lone cloak on a broadsheet. The seeds are gummy and can bring up to a time period to dry. To audition of they are dry, the seeds will not be projecting to respectively some other and and not arrange to any surfaces, they will well tumble off the rag.


Either a plastic or serious newspaper bag can be utilised to supply your dried solanaceous vegetable seeds. I personally use a rag envelope, if you are victimization a integrative bag the seeds truly must be thoroughly dry or wet will body-build up in the integrative bag and dirt can shoot on the seeds. The newspaper bag or container risk is little imagined to incentive any process or cheer up any shape up of wetness.

Make certain you marker the seeds CLEARLY in place for adjacent season, for allocation next to friends, ancestral or a fruit swapping.

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