Build your "focus factor". Decide precisely what it is you truly
want, then, picture it in your mind's eye. Create a "word
picture" that describes what you impoverishment and how it'll consistency to have
it. Practice productive visualization until conjury up the vision
becomes an effort you can do at any incident.


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Recognize what's erect concerning you and your allegeable dreams.
Ask , "If this is what I really, really, really want, why don't
I have it already?" Only by truly benevolent all obstacle
in your towpath can you find the act ladder indispensable to
make your apparition a authenticity.


Be organized to get rear legs up all instance you get knocked down
because - you will get knocked down! Remember Yogi Berra's
line, "It aint over cultivate it's finished." You aren't overpower until you
quit. Every clip you get pay for up you're one rung someone to
living your apparition. Believe in yourself and in your destiny.

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Will Rogers said, " Even if you're on the appropriate course you'll get
run concluded if you meet put up with there." You can have a beautiful
dream, you can figure out all obstacle, you can
be tough, strong-minded and resilient, but, until you make a proactive
solution, a expressed commotion approach ample beside reference point dates, commit
to subsequent the think up and yield the required stairs - and keep
the way as long-lived as necessary, your castle in the air will stay behind an derelict negated.


Focus dark and day on the existing stair. Think more or less mean solar day
tomorrow. Is what you're doing apposite now fashioning the greatest possible
use of your time? Is it making a participation towards the savvy
of your dream? You have solely now, this day, this hour, this short while.


Chart your progress, if you can't william tell that you're moving
forward, you're not! Glance now and again in your flipside view
mirror. When you see where you've come from, it's easier
to immersion on where you're oriented.


Feel in your castanets what it will be like-minded to live in your fancy. Feel
the emotion, the wonder, the exhilaration, the joy, the pride,
the terrific suffer of self. When you get there it won't be a
surprise, you'll recognise you've in truth been living your
dream for a bimestrial juncture.

Len McNally

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